FREE~ Textured Coffee Mug Cozy Pattern

Coffee Mug Cozy
F Hook
Preferred Yarn: Red heart soft (Mid Blue colorway shown here)
Tapestry needle                                                                                        
Measuring tape to check gauge
Button  (1 ½ inch shown here)
Skill level: Easy
2’’X2’’ Square = 10 sc X 8 rows
MC – Magic Circle For a tutorial on the magic circle, visit my blog at the following link:
CH – Chain
ST; STS – Stitch or stitches
SC – Single Crochet
DC – Double Crochet
BLO – Back Loops Only (Crochet in only back loops of a stitch)
SLST – Slip Stitch
SK – Skip
FO – Fasten Off
X after a number = number of stitches to work in after current stitch (ex: sc 2X = sc in next two stitches)
Special stitches:
Criss-Cross Crochet – Video shared below to help depict as well as written instructions.
Coffee cup measurements:
Bottom diameter: 2 inches
Height: 4 inches
Height from bottom to top of handle: 3 ½ inches
Height from bottom to bottom of handle: ½ inch
Circumference around center of mug: 11 ¼ inches
Diameter at mouth of mug: 4 inches
I give these measurements because you may need to alter the pattern depending upon what size mug you choose to use. If giving this as a gift, you may think about purchasing a mug and filling the mug with candy or something else. They are a dollar usually. This way you can measure your cozy to the actual mug itself. I got this one for a dollar. The mugs I use normally, this still fit on and they are MUCH wider and more squatty, it was stretched a tad and I would have probably increased one round on the bottom before I moved on to the rest of the pattern. Just some suggestions. J As always, if you should have problems, feel free to contact me and I will help in any way that I can.
Bottom of cozy:
Bottom is worked in a spiral, do not join at the end of the round.
Mark your first st in each round with a stitch marker or safety pin.
Round 1:                6 sc in mc (6)
Round 2:                (2 sc), Repeat () around (12)
Round 3:                (2 sc, sc), Repeat () around (18)
Round 4:                (2sc, sc 2X), Repeat () around (24)
Round 5:                (2sc, sc 3X), Repeat () around (30)
Round 6:                (2sc, sc 4x), Repeat () around (36)
Round 7:                (2sc, sc 5x), Repeat () around (42)
Round 8:                (sc), Repeat () around, sl st into next st (42)
Bottom edge:
Worked in rounds, but joined at the end of each round
Round 9:                (sc in BLO), Repeat () around, join to first sc (42)
Round 10:             (sc in both loops), Repeat () around, join to first sc (42)
Sides of cozy:
Worked in rows. That means you will Ch 2 and turn at the beginning of each round. It helps to mark the top of the first (top of the ch 2) and last st (top of the last dc) in the row.

This section is worked using Criss-Cross Crochet. I have shared a video below by The Crochet Crowd. In his way, he separates each row of criss-cross with a row of sc. My pattern does not do this. I also do not dc in the last stitch in the row in this pattern like he shows in the video. I just want to be clear. I ch 2 at the beginning, sk the ch 2 sp and the next sp, just like he does in the beginning, but then I continue to criss-cross all the way to the end of each row. I shared this video solely to show HOW to complete the stitch in case there was confusion. I found the video after I completed the pattern, and this was the closest to the way I executed as I could find. J If you are confused feel free to contact me and I will help you in any way that I can.
Row 1:                   Ch 2, Sk ch 2 sp and next st and dc in next, dc in skipped st.
                                (sk a st, dc in next, dc in skipped st), Repeat () around, turn (1 ch 2, 20 Criss-Cross stitches)
Row 2-7:                Repeat Row 1
Ch 21, sc in 2nd ch from hook and back to beginning of ch, sl st to next st in row 7 of the side of the cozy. Leave long tail for securing end of strap to the next st in row 7 to create button strap.
Secure any size button to other side of cozy. I used a 1 ½ inch button but any button will do. 


Articles of a Domestic Goddess                                                           

© Donna Knox – Articles of a Domestic Goddess
This pattern, once paid for, is completely and totally yours. Please do not share or redistribute my patterns and/or photographs in any way, shape or form. I humbly ask that you credit Articles of a Domestic Goddess if you feel so inclined. If you are pleased with this pattern, please head on over to the Articles of a Domestic Goddess Facebook, Ravelry or Etsy shop and review there. I LOVE seeing pictures of pieces created using my patterns if you want to share. Items made from this pattern may be sold. If you are displeased with the pattern in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I want you to be happy with any product with my name on it. I accept constructive criticism happily.


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