How to properly make a pom pom

Pom Pom: 
Wrap white yarn around three fingers 100 times for a thick pom pom. (Wrap around less fingers or more fingers for a bigger/smaller pom pom.) (Wrap 50 for thinner pom pom/150 for a very thick pom pom.) Tie double knot TIGHTLY across center. Cut through tops of loops. Trim with scissors to make even.

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4 thoughts on “How to properly make a pom pom”

    1. Another thing I did not add in here: is to make sure that your pom pom is tied very tightly when you tie it together so that the strands don’t slip out. I have never had one come undone, but if you yank they will come out. If you’re worried because you have a little one who might tug, you could always dab a little hot glue right in the center to prevent slippage.


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