Patriotic Pattern Roundup

by ArticlesofaDomesticGoddess | June 8, 2014 8:25 am

My last roundup[1] included items that affected the Deep South… this a branch off of that. Here in the deep south, nothing says home like a glass of mom’s sweet tea in the backyard with the sun shining in the heat of summer. Oh, that’s not hot enough for you? Let’s explode things made of gunpowder, have bonfires and grill meat on a hot grill…. in the heat of summer. No one said we were the smartest bunch, but you can’t argue that we love our country! lol

I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite summertime and patriotic items around. Let’s take a moment and applaud the creativity here!


Petals to picots[3] knows how important it is to throw a good party come summertime here in the south. Here she has patterns for a wreath[4], bunting[5] and placemats[6] that will jazz up your backyard barbeque this summer!


 Have you seen Posh Pooch Designs[9]? I’ve been following this lady for a long while because I wish I had a small animal to torture with my incessant yarn bombing lol She knows the importance of having your fur baby match the party here in the south! Here is her pattern for his flag dog sweater [10]and his hat to match it[11]!

Mad Mad Me[13] has another gorgeous motif and bunting pattern [14]to dress your party up! I would actually like to use this for pillows or something along those lines. Lots of possibilities here.

And no summer party in the south would be complete without a beer cozy! (Good brew selection there if I don’t say so myself!) A Crocheted Simplicity[16] shares her free Chasing chevrons beer cozy pattern.[17]

And another Chasing Chevrons Placemat pattern[19] from A Crocheted Simplicity[16]
. [20]
These next two are my favorites since I have a daughter myself. This Chasing Chevrons Tunic and sundress pattern[21] from A Crocheted Simplicity[16] will ensure that your little darling will be the belle of the ball. After all, balls here in the south are SO very important!

Looping with Love[23] recently released her very versatile, very cute Patriotic Wavy Wrap Pattern. [24]This and all of these patterns would do nicely in any colorway! The Loopy flower on this headband reminds me of fireworks.
BrandLynn Creations[26] knows the importance of accessories to all of us down here in the south! Show off your pride with this sweet little Floating Flower bracelet pattern[27] made with thread. I’m excited to try this one myself! (Coming soon to the Articles of a Domestic Goddess[28] store!)
Let’s stray a little away from the reds, whites and blues and move more toward summertime in general, shall we?
The Country Willow[30] has the sweetest little Tulip and Tulle Spring Dress Pattern[31] for sale. It reminds me of watermelon! YUM!


A Crocheted Simplicity[16] has released her Sweet & Sassy Sunhat Pattern [34]and her Sweet & Sassy Sundress Pattern[35].

And the talented Crystalized Designs[37] from Design Wars 7[38] has released her Fairy Lace Sun hat Pattern.[39]

If you’d like to see more like these, please follow my blog!

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