Battle of the Stitches Final Voting!

by ArticlesofaDomesticGoddess | December 22, 2014 8:41 pm

Final reveals are up!! 12 Contestants were asked to create a design using a secret theme and a secret stitch in only TWO WEEKS. You heard right. Two weeks for inspiration, creation, testing and photography. The theme for round four is: Love is in the Air. The stitch is: Solomon’s Knot or Lover’s Knot. There were a lot of REALLY talented ladies participating in this.

Here is the listing of participating members:

Melanie Padron, 3 Boys & A Ball of Yarn[1]
Donna Knox, Articles of a Domestic Goddess[2]
Sonya Blackstone, Blackstone Designs[3]
Stacey Williams, Busting Stitches[4]
Christine Norris, Chris~Cross~Crafts[5]
Kate Wagstaff, Crafting Friends Designs[6]
Rebecca Goldsmith, Desert Diamond Crochet[7]
Lisa Egan, Pink Snail Boutique[8]
Samantha Bagley, Silverdragon Crafts & Critters[9]
Sheri Weber, The Country Willow[10]
Jacqualyn Walker, The Crafty Geekette[11]
Michelle Ferguson, Two Brothers Blankets[12]

These are the FANTASTIC results!:



Voting is open on the Battle of the Stitches blog:
Visit HERE to vote on your favorite! [14]

How voting works:

Judges Vote: 4-5 judges will decide who wins based on best use of color, best use of the given stitch and theme, etc. All photos are generic with no watermarks or clues as to who did what to keep voting as fair as possible.

Our judges this round are as follows: 
-Amy Gage from Knit Pick-n-Crochet
-Schere Wade from Schere’s Crafty Crochet
-Ann Mancini-Williams from Glamour4You
-April Evans Bennett from Cuddle Me Beanies
-Jennifer Wilson Dougherty from Crochet by Jennifer


Fan Vote: By following the link above to vote on your favorite creation for this round, you are entering our fan vote. If you’re having trouble finding it, here is the link. [16]By voting you are entering your name in to win the Ebook of ALL the designs above!


AFTER you’ve voted, come back here to my blog and let me know that you’ve voted in the comments below. (Please be honest!) Comment below “I voted!”Everyone who votes will be put in for a drawing to win ONE YEAR OF MY DESIGNS FOR FREE! I will come back December 31st and choose 1 winner.
In case you would like to see the kinds of patterns you might win, here is a my ravelry site![17]

Articles of a Domestic Goddess 60% off Christmas sale! [18]
Articles of a Domestic Goddess 60% off Christmas sale!
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