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by ArticlesofaDomesticGoddess | December 19, 2014 10:50 pm

Is it your New Years Resolution to Learn to Crochet? Do you  OOO and AAA over the viral crocheted items that we’ve all seen shared on Facebook? Do you frequently say “One day I will learn to crochet.”? Are you like me and have even PURCHASED items that sit and collect dust? I am here to tell you that learning to crochet is NOT hard. It IS however difficult to learn something in the wrong order or to learn something and then have to go back and relearn something, or to learn something, thinking it is the only way, and not have the bigger picture because you were taught only one way and can’t branch out! I have compiled my first year of crocheting into a lesson plan that can be followed easily by anyone hoping to learn!


With this lesson plan you can learn to crochet in 7 simple lessons that will bring you from basic beginner to reading patterns. The test group was reading, comprehending and following patterns in 3 weeks, but we’re going to let our group set the pace so it may take longer. This is our first large learning group, so we may go with one lesson a week. Let’s just see how this goes 🙂

Lessons are completely and totally FREE to the members of my crochet group!

The lessons will be listed on the main event wall, members are encouraged to share photos of problems they may be having, photos of successful completed lesson sections (if it applies) or anything else they think applies to the event wall. The lessons are a compilation of the BEST most helpful and most correct items around the internet that I have found. The will be compiled in an order conducive to learning. There will be Youtube videos, miscellaneous helpful blogs, etc. This class will not ONLY be about learning the stitches. It will cover materials, gauge, working in the round vs working by rows, and it will even have some extra stitches bunched in there. The lessons are very easy to follow. To invite people into the event, they will need to be members of Articles of the Everyday Domestic Hooker Crochet Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ArticlesoftheEverydayDomesticGoddess/[2]

If you tag them they will not be able to see it because the privacy settings are set on this event to only be seen by those in the group. And the items in the group can only be seen by those who are members of the group. In order to get them in here, just have them join or add them to the group and they can join the event from there.

Class starts January 6th, 2014! 

I hope some of you more advanced ladies join up to help answer questions!

When in doubt, our hosts are as follows:
– Donna Knox[3] of Articles of a Domestic Goddess[4]
–Lynette Joe[5] of Loopdy Loop Crochet[6]
–Joanne Salter[7] of Salter’s Testers[8]
–Celina Lane[9] of Simply Collectible Crochet[10] and Crochet Street[11]

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