Follow Your Heart Pillow Pattern Releases!

Large Pillow: 24X21 Inches

Small Pillow: 19X14 Inches
The Inspiration: My children are most often my inspiration for my creations. These pillows were created for my own little sweet toddler, to match her Follow Your Heart Toddler Blanket. She has been my best model since birth and she is always ready to love (or steal) my creations before anyone else. She and my son are my biggest fans! I knew I wanted something special for her and cluster stitch hearts seemed to hit the nail right on the head.
Materials: To create the Follow Your Heart Pillows, you will need an I hook, a tapestry needle for weaving in ends, scissors for cutting the yarn, and a measuring tape to check gauge. The preferred yarn used in this project is Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn; however any worsted weight yarn will work.
Length and Width Options:
The finished large pillow measures 24 Inches X 21 Inches after the lace edging.
The finished small pillow measures 19 Inches X 14 Inches after the lace edging.
Embellishments and edge options:  The heart square included in these patterns contain a graph/chart so that you can more easily to follow along and so that if you would like to use the squares themselves as pot holders, bath rags (using cotton yarn), or blanket that is created using the squares and sewn together, then you can absolutely do that easily!
These patterns utilize a plethora of post stitches including the front and back post double crochet, the elongated front and back post double crochet, the front and back post half double crochet and the front and back post single crochet. I have included a written walk through on each stitch in the abbreviations section and links to video walkthroughs for each stitch created by myself so they are sure to give you all the information that you need to apply these stitches to these patterns. I also include a written walk through on how to complete the 7dc cluster stitch in the abbreviations section.

The lace edging on these pillow patterns give them a very frilly look, but one of my testers has proven that even with the hearts and frilly lace edging, that if the color choices are masculine enough, these pillow patterns will work perfectly for the male toddler or baby!

Buy the Follow Your Heart Small Pillow Pattern on Ravelry

Buy the Follow Your Heart Large Pillow Pattern on Ravelry

Buy the Follow Your Heart Ebook for both pillow Patterns on Ravelry

Don’t crochet? Buy the Follow Your Heart Pillow in either type or size (finished item) by messaging me on Etsy (Custom orders are my specialty)

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