How to Watermark Photos

In today’s day in age, if you’re posting photos online in a professional capacity, they really NEED to be watermarked with a logo. I learned this the hard way. I found that people will use your photos to show their own work. They will even take credit for your work. Don’t learn the hard way. Watermark from the beginning! It’s super easy!


1picmonkey1. Go to


2. Click Edit on the main screen and open a photo that you would like to add a watermark to. 


3. Click the icon that looks like a butterfly on the left to go to the “overlay” screen.

4. Click the button with the words “Your own” at the top of the screen on the left to add your logo. This should be a PNG photo with a transparent background. JPG and other photo file types will not support the transparent background. Place your logo on the photo.

To create a logo with a transparent background: Create a logo with a white background in the design tab of PicMonkey. Then Save. Upload the file to LunaPic. Look under the edit tab for an option for “transparent”. Follow the instructions to make the white background transparent! Make sure to save the file as PNG. Hint: to make a JPG file a PNG file easily: open with paintbrush, then save as a png file! 

5. Save the photo!

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Another Cabbage Patch Beanie Wig/Hat Pattern is RETIRING FOREVER!

Goodbye, Cabbage Patch Pattern! 

It’s been real, but I have to watch you go!

I have long been out of the trademarked character business on the finished items side, but I always hung on to this,

my only pattern that I’ve ever offered that was fashioned after a trademarked character.

I have dug my nails in on this one and held on as long as I could, but alas, it is time to say my goodbyes to this one!

I will never again be offering this pattern. 


This will be it, the last breath, kicking the bucket, pushing up daisies; she’ll be shuffling off her mortal coil…

In other words, my relationship with trademarked characters has finally, completely come to an end.


Please accept a copy for FREE as a token of my gratitude

for your continued and never ending support!

I am also hosting a 30% off sale in my ravelry store until

May 8th at 11:59PM CST in case this freebie isn’t enough!

Use coupon code: CabbageRetire30%

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Wings of Spring Headband and Shrug Pattern Releases! Nb-3X!

“There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots; the other, wings.” – Hodding Carter

The Wings of Spring Headband and Shrug are both beautiful as a standalone pieces or, either or both  can be used to complete the matching dress set it was designed for and helps to bring together the motif flower embellishing both pieces.


G Hook

Preferred Yarn: Baby Bee Sweet Delight

Tapestry needle


Measuring tape (to check gauge)

Skill level: Intermediate

Headband is offered in all sizes from NB to Large Adult. 

Shrug is offered in all sizes NB to XXXL. 

Take a moment and go to Ravelry and check out all the tester photos of all the sizes offered!! Being a larger lady myself, I am always so disheartened when patterns only go up to large and I must to math in order to make it fit me! Shrug for the larger sizes also has a positive ease so that you are sure to feel comfortable when wearing it and not like you’re trapped. I know all too well the feeling!

The matching, intricate dress pattern is easily followed and utilizes a multitude of techniques using Baby Bee Sweet Delight yarn and will be available for purchase after May 15th. 

The final masterpiece is elegant enough for the church pew but also light and airy enough for Easter egg hunting in the spring sunshine!


Buy the Wings of Spring Shrug (NB-3X) Pattern on Ravelry

Buy the Wings of Spring Headband (NB-Large Adult) Pattern on Ravelry

Buy the Wings of Spring Empire Dress (NB – Size 8 Child) Pattern on Ravelry (Available after March 15th)

Don’t crochet? Buy the any of the Wings of Spring Set (finished items) by messaging me on Etsy (Custom orders are my specialty)

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