How to Watermark Photos

In today’s day in age, if you’re posting photos online in a professional capacity, they really NEED to be watermarked with a logo. I learned this the hard way. I found that people will use your photos to show their own work. They will even take credit for your work. Don’t learn the hard way. Watermark from the beginning! It’s super easy!


1picmonkey1. Go to


2. Click Edit on the main screen and open a photo that you would like to add a watermark to. 


3. Click the icon that looks like a butterfly on the left to go to the “overlay” screen.

4. Click the button with the words “Your own” at the top of the screen on the left to add your logo. This should be a PNG photo with a transparent background. JPG and other photo file types will not support the transparent background. Place your logo on the photo.

To create a logo with a transparent background: Create a logo with a white background in the design tab of PicMonkey. Then Save. Upload the file to LunaPic. Look under the edit tab for an option for “transparent”. Follow the instructions to make the white background transparent! Make sure to save the file as PNG. Hint: to make a JPG file a PNG file easily: open with paintbrush, then save as a png file! 

5. Save the photo!

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