Create A Shank Button From Pearls

Gather your materials 



You will need: 

-A pair of jewelry pliers or needle nose pliers
-20 gauge jewelry wire

-Hot glue and gun

-Some 8mm pearls 


Cut 3-5 inches of wire.



String 2 of the 8mm pearls like so onto the wire. 



Twist the bottom to make a shank.


Twist the top to make a place to put the pearls onto.


Add a pearl to each side with a dab of hot glue.


Add more until wire is hidden and until button is desired size.

Finished button

20150720_221817 - Copy 1

Tester Erin Freund did hers another way and 
created a beautiful pearl button as well!



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3 thoughts on “Create A Shank Button From Pearls”

  1. I tried making pearl rings this way a few years ago – it was quite messy, but fun trying to come up with the different color combinations. I also found that the hot glue didn’t hold for long with use – perhaps E6000?


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