First Live Video – Package Unveiling 5/27/16

by ArticlesofaDomesticGoddess | May 27, 2016 7:32 pm


Today was a special day. I got a message from my Dad’s favorite aunt on Facebook the other day. I was excited to talk to her anyway because I never really have, and she is quite special to my father. But she offered me some of her mother’s crocheted items! I was so excited to open it, but I decided to wait and share this special moment with my followers and fans. So this is the unveiling of my GREAT AUNT’S work. Thank you for sharing in this very special moment with me!

When I pass these on to my daughter, they will be her GREAT GREAT AUNT’S work, and HER baby’s GREAT GREAT GREAT AUNT’S work. So that’s pretty unique to have a generational line of crocheters like that and I was proud to share them with you guys.
She never followed a pattern, so these were of her own making. I want to pick them apart and share the pattern with you guys because they are just beautiful. When I have that available you’ll know!
Also, I shared my intentions on having a father’s day giveaway to honor our men crocheters (really because I felt bad about leaving them out since I talk so much about empowering women through crochet). I know of a few who are always there to support us and I feel like they should be honored as well for father’s day because I feel like maybe we forget them or they don’t get included sometimes!
If you’ve got something crocheted by a family member or you have a note to share about someone who taught you, comment and show me! I’d love to see their work or your work! That’s always fun. As always, thanks for tuning in and thanks for watching and your continued support!
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