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by ArticlesofaDomesticGoddess | May 1, 2016 8:00 am

PicMonkey Collage1fsd[1]A cross, made of thread. Perfect for a bookmark, Christmas tree ornament or a motif for decorations such as table cloths.

Materials: 2.25mm Hook, Preferred Yarn: Aunt Lydia’s cotton size 10 thread, Tapestry needle, Scissors, Measuring tape (to check gauge)

Skill level: Beginner1 Craft Yarn Council - Beginner Definition[2]


Gauge: With 2.25mm hook: 1’’ x 1’’ square = 8dc x 3.5 rows

 A Note about Gauge: For those of you who do not understand how gauge works, or are looking to learn more on the subject, I have written a very helpful blog on gauge that has proved helpful when trying to figure out how big/small of a hook/yarn to use. If you still need help after you’ve browsed this, please let me know and I will try to help in any way that I can.[3]

A Note about Technique (The Golden Loop Method): This is not just for amigurumi items; it will help in ALL areas where crochet is involved. (Although, it helps most with amigurumi because of the nature of tight stitching.) I know I often hear of people having trouble “making their stitches tight enough” or they frequently have problems matching gauge (even if their items turn out okay on sizing, it doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t improvement to be made.) I too had many problems when learning to create amigurumi objects when I first started out. I have written a helpful blog that should help to pinpoint the areas that need improvement so that you, too, can create beautiful amigurumi items. There is ALWAYS room for improvements to be made, no matter how long you have been crocheting. Later, you will notice that all items are improved by using this easy method! If you still need help after you’ve browsed this, please let me know and I will try to help in any way that I can.[4]


Mod Dc:[5]

Tips:  Ch 1, Ch 2, or Ch 3 turning chain at the beginning of the round does not count as first stitch. First stitch in the round will be in the same stitch as the turning chain.

NOTES: You may ch2 and dc for the first st in each row/section OR you can utilize a modified dc in place of the ch2 dc. Modified dc is easy once you get the hang of it. Try it out! It gives a more finished look. If you can’t get the hang of it or just don’t want to, ch2 and dc will work just fine!

Shell  definition – 2dc, ch 2, 2dc


Round 1:              In Magic Circle – Ch 2, Shell 4x around, join (4 shells)

                                   Sl st to ch 2 sp

Top leg of cross:

Row 1:                  Ch 2, shell, turn (1 shell)

                                      Sl st to ch 2 sp

Row 2:                  Rpt 1

Row 3:                  Rpt 1



Left leg of cross:

Sl st in at left shell of round 1 (ch1 if using modified dc)

Rpt all 3 rows of top leg


Right leg of cross:

Sl st in at right shell of round 1 (ch1 if using modified dc)

Rpt all 3 rows of top leg


Bottom leg of cross:

Sl st in at bottom shell of round 1 (ch1 if using modified dc)

Rpt all 3 rows of top leg

Row 4:                  Rpt 1 (1 shell)

Row 5:                  Rpt 1 (1 shell)


Braided Tassel:

Hold thread in left hand, pull thread and measure to the crook of your elbow, do this twice. (So you should have a piece of thread the length of two of your forearms) Cut 6 strands of thread this length. Fold in half and slip knot at center through the bottom shell of the cross. Then separate 3 sections 4 strands thick and braid to end. Leave 2 inches at the end before knotting it.


Beading: (Optional)

If you choose to add beads to your project, as tester Suzanne Boren has in the photo below, then before starting to crochet, you will need to thread with a needle onto your thread before you crochet with it, 14 beads in the color of your choosing. At each chain 2 space, crochet 1 chain, pull up the next bead on your line and then chain again to secure it. Then continue on with the pattern as directed.


For a more detailed photo walkthrough see below

number 1 number 2number 3

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