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by ArticlesofaDomesticGoddess | April 20, 2017 2:37 am

[1]Our next designer showcase is a good friend of mine, Joanne Salter of Salter’s Stitches[2]! She’s been consistently at the top of the Hot Now listing on Ravelry with her beautiful Ice Crystal Wristlet[3] and matching Ice Crystal Scarf [4]patterns. Of her own admission, she mainly makes items for her children but someday would love to make herself a coat. She, her husband and two boys are native to the United Kingdom. This year in May, she will be married for 8 years. (You guys go wish her a happy upcoming anniversary!)

In addition to crocheting, she enjoys cross stitching, sewing and book folding. During our friendship, she has introduced me to the world of book folds and they are truly amazing. It is the art of folding the pages in a book in such a way, that when you open the pages to show the ends, it makes a design. The photo below of a Tree of Life book fold is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Well done, Joanne!

Click the picture above to check out more on this fascinating hobby
She loves to use cotton, however she frequently uses DK weight because it is readily available. Her favorite patterns are the Flowers and Stars Necklace[6]  because it was her first time using cotton and her Snuggle Shrug[7]   because it was the first thing she made for herself.

Joanne, on what inspires her the most:

When I’ve lost my crojo I am lost for days, I don’t know what to do with myself, I surf the internet until I find a stitch and then away I go. I’m usually inspired by a certain stitch. I like to learn something new with each design and in turn I get to teach it to someone else! I love to create all types of things and I put my everything into each design.

Joanne is a self taught crocheter for 7 years now and has been designing for a little over 2 years. During that time we’ve seen some beautiful works by her. Among my personal favorites are her amigurimi patterns. Here are some of her newest designs!

[8] [9]
[10] [11]
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