All About Crochet Hooks

Crochet hooks are easily found in craft sections of department stores or craft supplier stores and they’re relatively cheap. Wood, plastic and aluminum are the most popular.
My hooks! I still use mostly those on the right which came with the first Boye hook set I bought.

Shapes and styles
The handle may be cushioned or shaped, or it may have no shape to it at all. Some heads (the hooked part) may have an inline head, or a tapered throat. Choose the style that is most comfortable for your hand. Make sure there are no rough spots along the head, neck or shank that would potentially catch on the yarn you are working with. The shank is the area between the thumb grip and the throat and head of the hook, and it determines the gauge and size of the stitch. You may find that you prefer a different type of hook (wood/aluminum/plastic) depending on the type of yarn you are working with. Slippery yarns might seem more slippery with an aluminum hook while fuzzy yarns might work up faster with the slick surface that aluminum hooks provide.
Tunisian crochet hooks have a long straight shank and they resemble a knitting needle with a hook head. Double ended hooks have a hook at each end and a long straight shank.

What size do I need?
When following a pattern, the pattern will suggest a certain size of hook. The pattern should give a gauge swatch to work with a particular yarn and hook. If you need to change from the suggested hook size, up or down a size of hook, in order to match gauge, go ahead and do that. Having correct gauge is what matters, not using the exact size of hook the designer used. Matching the gauge swatch will ensure that your article will fit properly or work out to be the correct size.

Lesson 6 – Gauge

You don’t even need a full set to start out. The most popular hooks are D, E, F, G, H, I and J. If you have these you can get started. Don’t fret if your set didn’t come with one or more of these, H and I are the main ones that are used. I still rarely use the very large hooks in my collection and I bought a set of tiny hooks that were one step down from these and later learned that they are for crocheting with thread, which I didn’t do for almost 2 years after beginning to crochet, so don’t waste your money like I did and don’t purchase them until you come across a project you will need them for.

Crochet Hook Size 101

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