Spring Fever Crochet Pattern Round-up

It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it,

you want —oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want,

but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so! ~Mark Twain

This round up will have you fashionable from head to toe and even

adorn your home with goodies and keep your kiddos playing!

Scroll down to see what we mean!

Hair Accessories

Bow tie/Hair bow from As U Wish Crafts

On the Petals of Spring hair accessory from Salter’s Stitches
Get a discount on Salter’s Stitches items!

Free Crochet Star Flower Headband Pattern

All My Heart Headband by Articles of a Domestic Goddess


Flowers and Stars Necklace and Earrings by Salter’s Stitches

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Bold Bohemian Earrings by Mamta Motiyani

Loom Daisy Flower by Mamta Motiyani

Free Colorful Crochet Bangles Pattern

Quick Little Bracelet by Articles of a Domestic Goddess


Bonnie Bell Sunhat by Two Brothers Blankets Crochet

Pretty Petals Sunhat by Articles of a Domestic Goddess

Darling Daphne Cloche by Sonya Blackstone

Peacock Flapper Cloche by Articles of a Domestic Goddess


Stacked Shells Baby Sunhat by The Lavender Chair


Shrugs and Shawls

Snuggle Shrug by Salter’s Stitches

Get a discount on Salter’s Stitches items!

Solomon’s Knot Love Shawl by Articles of a Domestic Goddess

K’ute Shrug by Salter’s Stitches

Get a discount on Salter’s Stitches items!

Berry Bubblegum Fling


Blouses and Spring Sweaters

Spring Breeze Sweater by Sonya Blackstone

Primrose Blouse by Two Brother’s Blankets

Lovely Lace Sweater by Sonya Blackstone



Get your copy of the Spring Breeze Sweater Blouse ‪#‎crochet‬ pattern for 50% off using coupon code “Update” now through Sunday, April 10th!

Sonrisa Empire Waist Top

Tanks and Tops

Little Country Girl Tank by Sonya Blackstone

Mermaid Bikini Top with Matching Headband by Articles of a Domestic Goddess


Mallory Skirt by Sonya Blackstone

Home Decor

Lace Mandala Cushion Pillow by Mamta Motiyani

Free Crochet Pattern: Springtime Floral Candle Mat


FREE Assorted Leaves and Flowers by Articles of a Domestic Goddess


FREE Picot Flower by Homemade Hats by Cheryl


FREE Crochet Pattern: UNI-CORN Amigurumi

Free Mermaid Amigurumi Pattern

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20 Funniest Crochet Pattern Round up

Do a quick search on the internet and you’ll find the funny side to crochet pretty quickly! I have seen so many INTENTIONALLY funny crochet patterns that I decided what better way to honor the funny than to do a round up! 
So here it is: 20 of the most HILARIOUS crochet patterns you will find on the internet today! If you find yourself asking “WHY?!” on some of these, rest assured that probably the designer doesn’t even know the answer to that question. Some of these the more appropriate answer would be “Why not?!” lol 



PicMonkey Collage1

5. Ninja Hood and Nunchucks Amigurumi by Celina Lane


6. Dogahkiin Viking Dog Helmet by Alicia Spaidimage_medium2

7. Cat Butt Coaster by Mara Iocolano


 8. Kraken Of The Sea Scoofie – Monster Hooded Scarf by Rhea Richardson

15. Bob Ross Amigurumi by Allison Hoffman


 16. Gwendolyn Doll by Carolyn Christmas


 17. Brain by Heidi Yates 


 18. Hilarious Pedicure Toe Slippers crochet pattern by UniquePcrochet


 19. Dachshund (doxie) scarf by Roxanne Yamashita



Okay, so this one is knitting, but I can’t do this blog without including it. lol

20. Ola Pattern by Eric Peguero


Crochet has certainly brightened up my life and I hope that this round up has at least brightened your day 🙂




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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale/Freebie Roundup

Whew! It’s nice to be able to say that without a certain social media site throttling back my reach! I just LOVE a good sale! It gets difficult to see so many beautiful designs out there and I WANT to support each and every wonderful designers that I have grown to love, and I do buy when I can. Probably too often if you asked my husband. 🙂 But it gets difficult around the holidays. This is the perfect opportunity for you to show the designers that you love, that you support them, you love their work and you want to see more!

Take advantage of some of these deals below, be sure to tell them thank you on Facebook,
and if you see something you like on Ravelry, add it to your favorites by giving it a <3!
Nothing tells a designer you love her work more than interaction on social media! 

I know I speak for all of us here on this list when I say THANK YOU!
You give to us all year long with your words of encouragement, your loyalty and your shares!
This holiday season, allow us to give back to YOU and show some of our appreciation.
This is the only way we know how! THANK YOU!

Articles of a Domestic Goddess
First, let me tell you about my deal!
I would like to offer my newest design, the Versatile Christmas Advent Calendar
pattern for free to the first 100 customers who come across it.
All patterns, including the advent calendar are $2 until December 1st at midnight, CST. No coupon code for the $2 sale!
(Sorry my Craftsy is not participating, and Ebooks are not included)

SilverDragon Crafts & Critters
All patterns are $1 each in any of her stores. No coupon codes needed! 
Sale ends December 2nd
(Sorry the graphic has the wrong day. It should read Tuesday and not Monday.)

Salter’s Stitches
All patterns 50% off! Coupon code is: MIDWEEK
Sale ends Friday, November 28th, midnight UK

Simply Collectible Crochet  
 All patterns 50% off! Sale ends December 1st at midnight, CST.  

 Knotted Notions 
All patterns $1! Sale ends December 1st. No Coupon Code needed! 

Loopdy Loop Crochet
25% off all patterns in Ravelry. No Coupon code necessary! 
Sale ends December 1st, Midnight NZ 

KatiD Creations
50% off all patterns! Sale ends 11/29, 11:59AM


50% off all patterns! Sale ends Nov 30. No Coupon needed!

Ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/stores/lauramae-fanelli-designs


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Patriotic Pattern Roundup

My last roundup included items that affected the Deep South… this a branch off of that. Here in the deep south, nothing says home like a glass of mom’s sweet tea in the backyard with the sun shining in the heat of summer. Oh, that’s not hot enough for you? Let’s explode things made of gunpowder, have bonfires and grill meat on a hot grill…. in the heat of summer. No one said we were the smartest bunch, but you can’t argue that we love our country! lol

I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite summertime and patriotic items around. Let’s take a moment and applaud the creativity here!

Petals to picots knows how important it is to throw a good party come summertime here in the south. Here she has patterns for a wreath, bunting and placemats that will jazz up your backyard barbeque this summer!

 Have you seen Posh Pooch Designs? I’ve been following this lady for a long while because I wish I had a small animal to torture with my incessant yarn bombing lol She knows the importance of having your fur baby match the party here in the south! Here is her pattern for his flag dog sweater and his hat to match it!

Mad Mad Me has another gorgeous motif and bunting pattern to dress your party up! I would actually like to use this for pillows or something along those lines. Lots of possibilities here.

And no summer party in the south would be complete without a beer cozy! (Good brew selection there if I don’t say so myself!) A Crocheted Simplicity shares her free Chasing chevrons beer cozy pattern.

These next two are my favorites since I have a daughter myself. This Chasing Chevrons Tunic and sundress pattern from A Crocheted Simplicity will ensure that your little darling will be the belle of the ball. After all, balls here in the south are SO very important!

Looping with Love recently released her very versatile, very cute Patriotic Wavy Wrap Pattern. This and all of these patterns would do nicely in any colorway! The Loopy flower on this headband reminds me of fireworks.
BrandLynn Creations knows the importance of accessories to all of us down here in the south! Show off your pride with this sweet little Floating Flower bracelet pattern made with thread. I’m excited to try this one myself! (Coming soon to the Articles of a Domestic Goddess store!)
Let’s stray a little away from the reds, whites and blues and move more toward summertime in general, shall we?
The Country Willow has the sweetest little Tulip and Tulle Spring Dress Pattern for sale. It reminds me of watermelon! YUM!

And the talented Crystalized Designs from Design Wars 7 has released her Fairy Lace Sun hat Pattern.

If you’d like to see more like these, please follow my blog!

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Rootin Tootin Treasury on Etsy

The deep south… where manicures are pointless, words don’t end in “ing”, and people spend more on their belt buckles than they do on any other accessory. Where you wear boots in the winter and flip flops in the summer. We literally have our own language, syntax and adverbs. When you come visit, you’re family!

Take a look at the best embellishments of the deep southerner in your life on my Etsy Treasury and scroll through my own personal notes on these wonder designers and makers!

Beginner level pattern for a Horse Earflap Hat from Family Tradition Crafts. Wonderful pattern writer. I LOVE the bridle on this one! So cute!

It’s no secret that we love our crosses here in the south. I save all my horse shoes and have them displayed on the wall of my barn. My son has horseshoe nails bent around the bills of all his favorite camo caps. This takes it a step further. I would totally wear this Horseshoe Nail Cross Pendant from Silverdragon Crafts.

In the south, we display our style freely. Everything we own; our houses, our fences, our trucks, and our blogs have to have our own unique style displayed all over it. Even our babies are stuck in cowboy hats within the first few months, crammed into cowboy boots, and made to sleep in hay just to show how serious we are. This Cowboy Hat from Two Brothers Blankets will help you do just that! I kind of wish I crocheted when my son was little so I could have done this for him! Had I known I could just buy the item, I probably would have!

Thomasina Cummings Designs’ Crochet Guitar Blanket Pattern. Curl up under a musical delight while listening to your favorite songs picked on a cold night near a campfire.

A perfect little Horse Lovey Pattern from Bowtykes! So sweet!

Everyone knows a girl’s best friend is her pony! It’s not an obsession, it’s a lifestyle. Jazz up the apple of your eye with this cute little Horse Ribbon Sculpture Hair Clip from Ella Bella Bows.

Whole Knit and Caboodle’s Charlie the Horse Amigurumi Pattern – because you can never have enough ponies!

What a cute little Jersey Cow Hat by Crochet By Carla. Puts a new meaning to “little milk monster”!

L’oiseau’s Jersey Cow knit fabric is the perfect addition to that quilt your mama’s been making.

One and Two Company has the right idea with this cute little Cowboy Hat and Cactus Applique pattern!

YEEEHAW!! My son would love this Hat and Vest Pattern Combo from 3 Boys and a Ball of Yarn. Let him be a KEEYOWBOI for Halloween!

You makin’ fun-o-me, Baca Creations with this Detatchable Beard/Beanie pattern!?

Here in the south, the greatest aspirations for our boys is to serve our country. Make this Unisex Freedom Fighter Newsboy Beanie Hat Pattern From Crochet by Jennifer and show us your American pride! Thank you, boys in green! 
KEEYOWBOIS AND INJUNS! The game of perpetual imaginary pursuit in the south lol Gramma Beans Pocahontas Hat Pattern.

Can’t wait until MY cowboy gets home so he can give ME a ride on his Big Green Tractor! Big Green Tractor Basket from A Crocheted Simplicity has many uses! Easter, everyday egg collection… tv remotes… Must have for any deep south family!

Don’t crochet? Auntie Jen’s Horse Lovey (finished item) – Pattern by Bowtykes.

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