2016 Black Friday Sale!


6 designers have come together to offer you the best deals they could muster this Holiday season. Black Friday is the biggest sale day of the year and these designers have not let us down! I think you’ll agree that they’ve all put their best feet forward.

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First Live Video – Package Unveiling 5/27/16


Today was a special day. I got a message from my Dad’s favorite aunt on Facebook the other day. I was excited to talk to her anyway because I never really have, and she is quite special to my father. But she offered me some of her mother’s crocheted items! I was so excited to open it, but I decided to wait and share this special moment with my followers and fans. So this is the unveiling of my GREAT AUNT’S work. Thank you for sharing in this very special moment with me!

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A Designers Potpourri Crochet-A-Long pattern release!

PicMonkey Collage 3


I am pleased to present to you the All My Heart Headband! This pattern is a release from Articles of a Domestic Goddess for the Designer’s Potpourri Crochet-A-Long. If you are not a part of this wonderful group, but want to have some fun creating items with like-minded ladies, then please feel free to request to join! There are mini releases every Monday in January, followed by monthly releases by the designers participating on the 1st of each month. I am honored to be part of this crochet along because these are some really talented ladies and I have a feeling some really gorgeous, fun patterns are going to come out of this! So if you are a beginner hoping to learn or if you’re a seasoned crocheter, come check us out!

Request to join our Facebook group by clicking here!


Set to release Monday, January 18th, is my headband design!

The All My Heart Headband is sized to fit sizes NB, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months, Toddler – 1-3years, Child – 3-10 years, Teen to small adult – 10 years to small women’s, and Large adult – typically this is the men’s size, but sometimes can be large women’s size. Choose between fastening with a button on one end OR tying the headband with a ribbon. Both fashions are beautiful options. Choose to use the heart embellishment or it is beautiful without. The heart treble v stitch depicted here has a video walk through to help. But beginners should have no problem learning this stitch. Especially with the video. Video link included in the pattern.

Follow this link to the All My Heart Headband.

Please favorite it if you have a moment and enjoy!

On Monday, January 18th, 2016 I will share a Coupon Code in the

A Designer’s Potpourri Crochet-A-Long FB Group


PicMonkey Collage 4

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Another Cabbage Patch Beanie Wig/Hat Pattern is RETIRING FOREVER!

Goodbye, Cabbage Patch Pattern! 

It’s been real, but I have to watch you go!

I have long been out of the trademarked character business on the finished items side, but I always hung on to this,

my only pattern that I’ve ever offered that was fashioned after a trademarked character.

I have dug my nails in on this one and held on as long as I could, but alas, it is time to say my goodbyes to this one!

I will never again be offering this pattern. 


This will be it, the last breath, kicking the bucket, pushing up daisies; she’ll be shuffling off her mortal coil…

In other words, my relationship with trademarked characters has finally, completely come to an end.


Please accept a copy for FREE as a token of my gratitude

for your continued and never ending support!


I am also hosting a 30% off sale in my ravelry store until

May 8th at 11:59PM CST in case this freebie isn’t enough!

Use coupon code: CabbageRetire30%


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National Crochet Month 75% off sale!

Until March 18, 2015, all of my designs on Ravelry will be 75% off!

That is a considerable savings from me to you! 

See my Ravelry page here: Articles of a Domestic Goddess Pattern Store

Listings not included are:  

  • EBOOK – Halloween Candy Hauler Totes
  • EBOOK – Sherri Berry Reversible Cluster Pattern Pack
  • EBOOK – Skull Set
  • EBOOK – Stunning Shells Pattern Pack
  • EBOOK – Travel Pals
  • EBOOK – Sherri Berry Cluster Infinity Adult and Child 
  • EBOOK – Love is in the Air Wedding Set

 Stop by and check out the FREE patterns on my blog! 

Share this webpage with your friends so they can take advantage of the savings! 

Coupon code Starts March 15th, 2015 at the beginning of the day.

Coupon code Ends March 18th, 2015 at the end of the day. 

  75% off!

 Coupon Code – NatCroMo

 Must click “add to cart” to see the savings! 

 See my store here! 

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Love is in the Air Bridal Set 40% off Release SALE!

ebook sale

From now until January 20th, 2015 at the end of the day (11:59PM CST), receive 40% off

by using coupon code IDO on the Love is in the Air Ebook only.

Must add Ebook to cart to see savings.

Purchase the Ebook on Ravelry Now!

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Salter’s Stitches Crochet Along in the Articles of a Domestic Goddess Group


CAL! Crochet Along with Salter’s Stitches with her newest scarf design! PATTERN IS FREE ONLY in my Facebook Group – Articles of the Everyday Domestic Hooker. Otherwise, you may purchase the pattern for £2.00 GBP or about $3.10 US.

The crochet along starts January 15th, but it will be running until the end of February and maybe longer if need be!

If you’re jumping in late, no worries! Check out the event tab above to catch up!

Pattern will be released in three parts and there will be lots of help for beginners.



 Joanne Salter is fairly new to the crochet scene, but she has wowed me with the elegant look of her designs! The stitch combinations and construction of her patterns are intuitive and original. She frequents the top of the Ravelry’s “hot now” list and I for one love her patterns. I am so honored that she has chosen to take part in the first OFFICIAL Articles of a Domestic Goddess Crochet Along!

 She has graciously released her “A Twist of Spring” scarf to us in my crochet group for FREE! You MUST follow along with the crochet along as she will be releasing it into three parts. If you wish to purchase her beautiful patterns, you may do so here in Salter’s Stitches Ravelry Pattern Shop. The pattern is listed at £2.00 GBP or about $3.10 US.

To participate in the Crochet Along click here!




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2014 Holiday sale!


Until December 31st, all of my designs on Ravelry will be 60% off! 

(I’m sorry, my Craftsy store will not be participating)
That is a considerable savings from me to you! 


Listings not included are:  

  • EBOOK – Halloween Candy Hauler Totes
  • EBOOK – Sherri Berry Reversible Cluster Pattern Pack
  • EBOOK – Skull Set
  • EBOOK – Stunning Shells Pattern Pack
  • EBOOK – Travel Pals
  • EBOOK Sherri Berry Cluster Infinity Adult and Child


Stop by and check out the FREE patterns on my blog! 


Share this webpage with your friends so they can take advantage of the savings! 

Coupon code Starts December 23rd, 2014 at the beginning of the day.
Coupon code Ends December 31st 2014 at the end of the day. 
 60% off!
Coupon Code – Merry Christmas
Must click “add to cart” to see the savings! 

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Battle of the Stitches Final Voting!

Final reveals are up!! 12 Contestants were asked to create a design using a secret theme and a secret stitch in only TWO WEEKS. You heard right. Two weeks for inspiration, creation, testing and photography. The theme for round four is: Love is in the Air. The stitch is: Solomon’s Knot or Lover’s Knot. There were a lot of REALLY talented ladies participating in this.

Here is the listing of participating members:

Melanie Padron, 3 Boys & A Ball of Yarn
Sonya Blackstone, Blackstone Designs
Stacey Williams, Busting Stitches
Christine Norris, Chris~Cross~Crafts
Rebecca Goldsmith, Desert Diamond Crochet
Sheri Weber, The Country Willow
Jacqualyn Walker, The Crafty Geekette
Michelle Ferguson, Two Brothers Blankets

These are the FANTASTIC results!:



Voting is open on the Battle of the Stitches blog:
Visit HERE to vote on your favorite!

How voting works:

Judges Vote: 4-5 judges will decide who wins based on best use of color, best use of the given stitch and theme, etc. All photos are generic with no watermarks or clues as to who did what to keep voting as fair as possible.

Our judges this round are as follows: 
-Amy Gage from Knit Pick-n-Crochet
-Schere Wade from Schere’s Crafty Crochet
-Ann Mancini-Williams from Glamour4You
-April Evans Bennett from Cuddle Me Beanies
-Jennifer Wilson Dougherty from Crochet by Jennifer


Fan Vote: By following the link above to vote on your favorite creation for this round, you are entering our fan vote. If you’re having trouble finding it, here is the link. By voting you are entering your name in to win the Ebook of ALL the designs above!

AFTER you’ve voted, come back here to my blog and let me know that you’ve voted in the comments below. (Please be honest!) Comment below “I voted!”Everyone who votes will be put in for a drawing to win ONE YEAR OF MY DESIGNS FOR FREE! I will come back December 31st and choose 1 winner.

Articles of a Domestic Goddess 60% off Christmas sale!
Articles of a Domestic Goddess 60% off Christmas sale!

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Learn to Crochet with Articles of a Domestic Goddess

Is it your New Years Resolution to Learn to Crochet? Do you  OOO and AAA over the viral crocheted items that we’ve all seen shared on Facebook? Do you frequently say “One day I will learn to crochet.”? Are you like me and have even PURCHASED items that sit and collect dust? I am here to tell you that learning to crochet is NOT hard. It IS however difficult to learn something in the wrong order or to learn something and then have to go back and relearn something, or to learn something, thinking it is the only way, and not have the bigger picture because you were taught only one way and can’t branch out! I have compiled my first year of crocheting into a lesson plan that can be followed easily by anyone hoping to learn!


With this lesson plan you can learn to crochet in 7 simple lessons that will bring you from basic beginner to reading patterns. The test group was reading, comprehending and following patterns in 3 weeks, but we’re going to let our group set the pace so it may take longer. This is our first large learning group, so we may go with one lesson a week. Let’s just see how this goes 🙂

Lessons are completely and totally FREE to the members of my crochet group!

The lessons will be listed on the main event wall, members are encouraged to share photos of problems they may be having, photos of successful completed lesson sections (if it applies) or anything else they think applies to the event wall. The lessons are a compilation of the BEST most helpful and most correct items around the internet that I have found. The will be compiled in an order conducive to learning. There will be Youtube videos, miscellaneous helpful blogs, etc. This class will not ONLY be about learning the stitches. It will cover materials, gauge, working in the round vs working by rows, and it will even have some extra stitches bunched in there. The lessons are very easy to follow. To invite people into the event, they will need to be members of Articles of the Everyday Domestic Hooker Crochet Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ArticlesoftheEverydayDomesticGoddess/

If you tag them they will not be able to see it because the privacy settings are set on this event to only be seen by those in the group. And the items in the group can only be seen by those who are members of the group. In order to get them in here, just have them join or add them to the group and they can join the event from there.

Class starts January 6th, 2014! 

I hope some of you more advanced ladies join up to help answer questions!

When in doubt, our hosts are as follows:
Donna Knox of Articles of a Domestic Goddess
Lynette Joe of Loopdy Loop Crochet
Joanne Salter of Salter’s Testers
Celina Lane of Simply Collectible Crochet and Crochet Street

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