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Quality finished crochet items at a reasonable price!




View a listing of ALL my patterns, both paid and free. You may purchase patterns on Ravelry or on my blog.

Free patterns: All free patterns are available only on my blog.

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Rules and Expections – Crocheters unite! POST ANYTHING YOU’D LIKE. Amendment: Obviously, as a pattern designer and having so many pattern designers as part of our wonderful little group, pattern sharing of paid copyrighted patterns is going to be highly frowned upon. Sharing of links to purchase paid patterns and to view free patterns elsewhere are encouraged and happen often, but we will not be participating in any kind of pdf pattern sharing of any kind, free or paid, just to alleviate liability and to protect copyrights. Feel free to support your fellow crocheter/crafter/hobbyist in any way, shape or form otherwise! It’s about women supporting women in their craft!


You are always welcome to contact me via email. I am happy to answer any questions you might have or offer your crochet support whether it is on my own pattern or that of any other I might own or have free access to. Please don’t hesitate, I will never be bothered and I will always make time for you.

If you’re having trouble with a pattern, you would like to make an order or you have some other need for gaining contact with me, I am happy to help you! Please feel free to message me!
There are many ways to connect with me. I utilize Facebook as my main communications hub, although I check all social media as well as my email regularly.

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