How to read yarn labels

Just what do those symbols mean on the yarn label and how do you know which yarn weight you’re looking at?

This is the label of a skein of Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn. For each symbol on the photo above, I’ve included information as to what each of these sections mean. These sections are included with most yarn types.

Yarn Weights

To decode these logos on your yarn label, see Yarn 101:

Yarn 101

Washing Instructions
Bleaching Instructions
Drying Instructions
Ironing Instructions
Dry Cleaning Instructions

How much yarn

This section simply tells you how much yarn is in the skein or hank, in both metric and US weight and length.

Crochet Gauge information

This section gives a suggested hook size to use with the yarn. If you are following a pattern with this yarn, you will use the hook size recommended in the pattern, matching gauge to the pattern, not to this section on the yarn label. This section is useful when substituting yarns.

The hook size is a suggested hook size that MIGHT work best with the yarn without giving your hands trouble. The hook size might go up or down depending on what you are creating with the yarn. The yarn above calls for an I hook. If you see a pattern that uses a g or g hook, it is not incorrect, but the yarn might have been better suited for the project with that hook.

All About Crochet Hooks

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