This season, I am thankful for

I’m thankful for all those who continually support Articles of a Domestic Goddess. Through your support, attention and continual encouragement, Articles of a Domestic Goddess has soared to unexpected heights and I don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel coming anytime soon. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. 

I want to thank you by offering the first 100 copies of my newest design, The Versatile Advent Calendar to you for free! 
See below for the coupon code. 


And that’s not all! Until December 1st, all of my designs on Ravelry will be $2! 
(I’m sorry, my Craftsy store will not be participating)
That is a considerable savings from me to you! 


Listings not included are:  

  • EBOOK – Halloween Candy Hauler Totes
  • EBOOK – Sherri Berry Reversible Cluster Pattern Pack
  • EBOOK – Skull Set
  • EBOOK – Stunning Shells Pattern Pack
  • EBOOK – Travel Pals
  • EBOOK Sherri Berry Cluster Infinity Adult and Child

Stop by and check out the FREE patterns on my blog! 


Share this webpage with your friends so they can take advantage of the savings! 


Coupon code Starts November 24th, 2014 at the beginning of the day.
Coupon code Ends December 1st 2014 at the end of the day. 
One use per customer. Limit 100. 
(After the first 100 are given free, you will STILL be able to purchase it for $2! 
Still a considerable savings!)
Coupon Code – FREEAdvent100
Must click “add to cart” to see the savings! 

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Articles of a Domestic Goddess Craft Show Debut!

 My church does a lot of community outreach. It’s what attracted me to the church in the first place. Not the fact that I could get free stuff… even though that’s true; but that they do things for the community. Once you begin to go there they expect you to participate and volunteer and have a calling within the church, which I think is extra special and what a church should be. But that’s my own personal opinion. There is just a really great group of people there, member or not. The Crosby Church Extreme Machine is a yearly festival in which car owners are beckoned to enter their fancy cars, motorcycles (or other similar item) into one of the best car shows in Texas from what I hear! It’s a BIG deal! There is lots of good food, free games for the kiddos, a mud bog, a fighting octagon, a big sermon and mostly, just lots of fun. My son left there all sweaty and sticky from all the fun he had there and in 6 year old terms, that’s a day well had!


 I spent most of my time in the craft booth area. (Which is in close proximity to the bouidain balls, sausage on a stick and kettle corn, btw) I learned a lot, met a lot of new friends with similar hobbies and interests … and I spent most of my profits in their shops. 🙂 There is a big difference between being on Facebook, and my friends know that I crochet, so maybe some of their friends have heard of me, etc. But this got my name out into the community and to my friends in real life, who knew that I crocheted, but didn’t really understand the handmade revolution. (LONG LIVE THE HANDMADE REVOLUTION!) All in all, it’s an experience that I was glad that I (and my sweaty 6 year old) had the opportunity to take part in. I learned how to pop up a tent (which is easier than I thought it would be.) Most of the items I bought from the ladies around me were for my display, so I’ll need to participate in more craft shows in the future to make my money back! I can already feel the vicious cycle beginning! 🙂



 1. Bring a comfortable chair!

You’ll be sitting in it or on your feet most of the day so make sure it has arm rests and is plenty big enough for wallowing

…because after kettle corn and the coffee rush, you’ll want a nap!

 booth chair


2. Table Setup and Display

Set up your tables in such a way that customers are invited to browse. If they have to walk in, they probably won’t.

Plus, you and your friends, visitors or junk will probably take up a large amount of the covered space and it will require a shuffle to allow someone to walk in to browse.

Make things accessible and visible. If I could redo it, I would have set my booth up to have two sides, with a table running down each side. Each table should be equally as inviting.

Do a practice rehearsal and set them up to see what works.

Keep a full feeling. I made the mistake of moving all my items from my back table, to my front table and in doing so I left my back table bare. There is a whole psychology behind the way that stores sell to the consumer. I had a friend whose husband was a grocery store regional manager and she said the trick is to keep a full look, no matter what. There is something to that. I’ll be using that and trying to pin down what attracts consumers. See this article about grocery store psychology. Or this one. Or this one.


I can’t tell you how many I handed out and how many booth owners I had to beg for their card and they had to hunt one down or grab one out of their pocket.



3. Have a VARIETY of items.

Big or small? Which is the answer? BOTH. They all play off each other for the good of the booth as a whole.

It’s basic marketing. The smaller items attract the pocketbook and the larger items attract the eye.

There was a whole booth of ONLY tutus. There was a whole booth of ONLY sashay scarves.

Neither of them caught the attention that I caught, but the tutus and sashay scarves were some of the biggest things that brought my customers in.

It’s not that I sold ANY of the two, but their presence brought people to at least take a look.

All you have to do is get them in.  DIVERSIFY, DIVERSIFY, DIVERSIFY!

booth 6


4. Tags. Pricing.

This was the hardest part.

I had tags on everything but planned to price it all once I got there. Don’t do this. Price it beforehand. Take the time.

People walking by grabbed tags and walked off a lot. If there was nothing on it, rather than ask they were turned off by it.

Also, price it where you want it to be. If as soon as they get to your booth, they pick up a beanie priced at $20 and you holler that you’ll go down to $15…they start to wonder if it was REALLY worth the $20 – or even the $15 for that matter. Price it where you want it and be proud of your price. If they want it, they’ll pay for it.


5. If they want it they’ll pay for it.

Which brings the next question: But what do they want? They want eye catching. I had a lot of basic beanies and scarves out. The few eye catching items I did have caught a lot of attention.

If I had it to do over, I would do more elaborate items than I did at this show.

Have things out that people PINE over and wish they can afford and they might buy a bookmark and then you might hit the jackpot with the one person who LOVES giant pirate dolls for $50.

Make them want it.

 booth 4


6. Don’t depend on custom orders.

I created this really nice portfolio, with photos of items I’ve made in it. I was happy I had it because it, in itself, was an eye catcher and people came mostly to take a look at the book.

But in lieu of creating some of the more eye catching (and time and material consuming) things in the book, I created beanies and scarves and small toys.

Which I’m happy I did as well, because like I said, the smaller items matter too. And I did get some custom order interest. But leave the custom orders for the internet.

Tell people who aren’t interested now that you take custom orders and if they reconsider it close to Christmas that you’ll be happy to give them some personalized time and give them your card.

But at a craft show, people want to buy what they see now. So give them that. Give them what they will want to go home with. They don’t want to call you Monday to set up a custom order.

It takes money to make money. Take the time and make the larger items to have on display. Sell them on Etsy later if you’re worried about the cost.





7. Bring something to do.

There are points when the people FLOOD in! …And then there were times that I didn’t see a smiling face for a good hour.

Bring something to do. (And bring more than one tapestry needle, in case you’re like me and lose it early on… way to deem myself worthless… <sigh> Alas, a Domestic Goddess is only as good as her tapestry needle (or the presence of one) will allow.)

The sashay scarf lady did not make any sales all day I think, BUT she got a lot of attention because she was knitting her scarves the whole time.

What’s that meme say that I’ve seen floating around the internet? Saying: “Being a crocheter is sort of like being a magician. You mumble to yourself while waving a stick around and other people have no idea how you did it.”?

Same thing here. It’s a good conversation starter. People are in awe of talent. And that’s what it is ladies! It’s talent! Embrace it.

(Go a step farther and WEAR something that you made. Preferably something you’re selling in your shop. It shows that you are proud of your work and it’s a conversation piece as well!)



8. Kids.

Kids are bait. I have some, so I hate to say it, but it’s true.

Get the kids to look and the parents will come.

We’re having a ring toss next year at my booth. 🙂

I had candy and crochet toys out etc, but the real kicker: the candy!

 booth 5


9. Talk to the customer!

Acknowledge the customer! Even the ones who don’t buy from you!

Say “Good Morning” when they walk up and be inviting. So many booth runners sat around and let people browse but never said a word to them. Be inviting! Be approachable!

I’m a talker at heart (can’t you tell by my essay here!?) and in the act of talking about our kids or horses, I got some truly interested people to take my card who weren’t interested in the beginning but were after my conversation with them.

Don’t be too pushy, though. In the beginning, in my endless chatter and excitement to be among real humans that don’t excrement in their diapers still, I was a little pushy in my mannerisms.

And it was worse the more nervous I was. Don’t start selling as soon as they come to the booth. Get out of their face! A little humor goes a long way.

If you MUST talk (Like me) then talk, but make sure it’s someone who wants to talk, otherwise you stand the chance of damaging the sale.

I made the mistake of turning off my first few by jumping right to “Oh you like that? Let me wrap it up and get you out of here!” -instead of realizing that people browse much more than they buy.

You can just tell when someone takes your card and is going to throw it in the first trash can they see and the ones who will tuck it away for a rainy day.

Be that shop owner who makes a lasting impression. I remember each customer’s name or at least something specific about them.

I go to the dry cleaner who knows my name and I never have to show a ticket to in order to pick up my dry cleaning rather than the one who is smug and has the mentality of “buy it or don’t, I’m just here for the sausage on a stick”…

When a browser looks and leaves without buying anything, say “Thank you!” and MEAN it! They took the time out of their day to acknowledge your talent. Thank them.

They’ll come back around anyway, and when they do, and you say “Good Afternoon”, you’ll be one step farther than the rest of them 🙂

 10. Taking Money

I turned off more than one customer because I could not accept credit/debit cards. Then I realized that I use PayPal and Etsy and could have easily done so had I thought ahead.


There are many phone apps that I could have downloaded beforehand had I thought ahead. wCharge  or Square are some good options I’ve seen around.

If I could do it again I would use one or more of these options.

Bring plenty of change. $40 in 1’s, $40 in 10’s, $30 in 5’s.

You may want to bring $100 in 20’s if you have larger items.

If you have a lot of smaller items then a roll or 2 of quarters might be in order.



I hope these tips help you in your future craft show endeavors.
If there are any tips you would like to add, let me know in the comments below.
After all, this WAS my first craft show as well and I’m learning as well!

#2 Articles of a Domestic Goddess

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Articles of a Domestic Goddess’ Madly Mahvelous Scaevnger Hunt Giveaway Time Slot

I hope you’ve all had fun running around to the various other Makers’ pages! I also hope you’ve been able to keep up! Make sure you keep an eye out for chances to win this week! If you’re not up to speed, VISIT MY BLOG ON THE SUBJECT FOR MORE INFORMATION BY CLICKING HERE!


And NOW it’s time for MY part in this shin-dig!

I will be giving away 3 patterns of choice to ONE winner! 

Visit my Ravelry Store and let me know which of them you would like to win!
Starting Wednesday, September 3rd at 4pm and running until 10pm:
Here’s the plan, stan… and please follow both steps of your entry will not be valid. 
Entries will be validated and chosen using a random generator!


I think you’ll find that we already have a very helpful, very talented group of ladies in there. There is no censorship in Articles of the Everyday Domestic Hooker Crochet Group. The rules are as follows: Crocheters unite! Post whatever you’d like to. No rules. There is a difference between posting something you’re selling and spamming. If you are annoying, that’s spamming. Don’t be annoying. Well, I guess that’s a rule, but it’s really just a guideline, isn’t it? lol


Step #2: Post on the wall and introduce yourself. Share with us something that you have made.

It doesn’t matter how new/old it is. Tell us something about yourself, how long you’ve been crocheting, show us your favorite item you’ve made, or your first item you’ve made (and we’ve all been there, so don’t be shy!). Here is your chance to show off! If you have a business page, you may add it to the business name drop file. If you have a moment, take a look at our events. We have our first crochet along going on right now through September 30th. Some are already finished and there are some at varying stages of being finished. I’ll admit even I am only about half done!



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Madly Mahvelous Da-Ling!

The Madly Mahvelous Scavenger Hunt!

Are we ready for some FUN or what!? This is probably going to be the most fun giveaway I’ve ever had the privilege (and the honor) of being a part of. Many of The Mad Mad Makers have teamed up to offer you lots of different ways to win!

Way to win #1: The Grand Prize is 23, I said it, TWENTY THREE prizes going to one winner. That’s a whole lot of Mad Mad Maker love, right there! There are patterns (and the Mad Mad Makers make up some of the most brilliant pattern designers on the web today in my humble opinion) and there are store credits (it’s not all crochet items either! The Mad Mad Makers sew, clay work, make soap… there are a lot of different options here as well, even for the avid crocheter.) Enter to win the grand prize on the Mad Mad Makers Madly Mahvelous Scavenger Hunt Blog on the Rafflecopter Widget (Or just check out the Rafflecopter widget below, it’s the same entry!)

Ways to win #2-24: 7 days of giveaways! Each of the 23 Mad Mad Makers is holding their own day and time slot and each is doing something different. You can stay tuned to the Mad Mad Makers Blog, Mad Mad Makers Facebook page, the Mad Mad Makers Google+ page, the Mad Mad Makers Twitter Feed, or the Mad Mad Makers Pinterest page for updates on who is doing what and when.

KEEP WATCHING ON Wednesday, September 3rd FOR MY GIVEAWAY! 


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Pattern Giveaway – Hosted by Katie’s Crochet Goodies!

Wanting a chance to win my newest design? I’m giving away 3 Travel Pals Pattern Packs to 3 lucky winners! That’s THREE patterns in one!

A Big THANK YOU to Katie’s Crochet Goodies for putting together a STELLAR line up of amazing crochet designers for this giveaway! She’s done an amazing job putting this together and I am honored to be a part of it. I’m not sure if you know, but Facebook has yet again changed up the rules. These little Rafflecopter like it to win it giveaways will soon be a thing of the past! This may very well be your last chance for easy winnings! Take a moment and enter below.

Katie’s Crochet Goodies (Our fearless leader!) – 1 Paid Pattern (winner’s choice)

Moogly – 1 Winner of the Sven Sweater Pattern


Trifles N Treasures – 1 Paid Pattern (winner’s choice)

Dearest Debi – 1 paid pattern (winner’s choice)

Cre8tion Crochet – 1 paid pattern (winner’s choice)


KT and the Squid – 1 paid pattern (winner’s choice)


Elk Studio – 1 paid pattern (winner’s choice)

Jessie at Home1 paid pattern (winner’s choice)

Posh Pooch Designs – 1 pattern (winner’s choice)

Katidcreations – 1 pattern (winner’s choice)

The Stitchin’ Mommy 1 pattern (winner’s choice)


American Crochet – 1 pattern (winner’s choice)

Rebeckah’s Treasures1 pattern under $6 (winner’s choice)

Charmed by Ewe1 pattern (winner’s choice)

From Grammy’s Heart – Lion Stuffie Pattern (not released yet)

Daisy Cottage Designs – 1 monkey hat & 1 owl hat (2 separate winners)

Crochet Memories – 2 winners (1 pattern of each winner’s choice)

Danyel Pink Designs – 1 pattern (winner’s choice)

Petals to Picots1 pattern (winner’s choice)

Rules—If winners choice applies, it is good for an
individual pattern only – ebooks & pattern sets not included. Winners may only win once! 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Pretty in Plaid Pattern Giveaway!



Glamour 4 You has been generous! She has teamed up  with Articles of a Domestic  Goddess and MANY other  designers around the internet  to offer her pattern for free!  There are MANY ways to enter  to win. FORTY FIVE to be exact! Keep an eye out  at some of your favorite  designers’ pages! Everyone is  doing something a little  different. 

Here is how MY giveaway will work:



Some information about the Pretty in Plaid Jacket Pattern:

— Hook: 5.5mm
— WW yarn – I used Deborah Norville Everyday Soft (amounts are in the pattern)
— Sizes are: Small – 30/32” Circ., Medium – 34/36” Circ., Large – 38/40” Circ.
— The jacket is worked from the Neck down, so you can certainly continue to make a larger size.
— Length of jacket & sleeves are customizable too.
— Option of Button or Zipper closure for front of jacket.
— Video on how to attach the Zipper
— Video on how to work the Surface Crochet to make the vertical stripes
— Pictures also for certain steps

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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2500 Milestone!

Articles of a Domestic Goddess is celebrating 2500 fans! Thank you to all my fans, supporters and customers! I am thankful for each and every person who takes the time to check in on me, no matter the interval. I am perpetually humbled by your continued support, your kind words and your orders that keep me busy and fill my days with delight! I have sincerely enjoyed the time I have put into this venture and look forward to MANY days ahead. I hope you take a moment to browse my Ravelry store or my Etsy store. I am accepting all custom orders to my Facebook inbox as well, so if there is something you don’t see and you want, hit me up and I’ll make sure we get you a discounted order under way!

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Milestone Madness and More Giveaway!!!!

Come celebrate with the owners of Bowtykes, Forever Stitchin, VIP Handmade Creations, Kaleidoscope Art&Gifts, Creative Hats and More, Smalltown Dreamz, AllieCat’s Hats and Crafts, Hannah’s Homestead, Knotted NotionsGramma Bean’s Homemade Gifts, and BrandyLynn Creations. These Members of the Mad Mad Makers  are celebrating Facebook milestones or will be very soon. They are all giving away either patterns, store credits, or finished items. Articles of a Domestic Goddess has been given the honor of offering items as well in their giveaway. I hope you accept my gift of five patterns of choice as my thanks and gratitude to those of you who have supported and continue to support everything that goes on over at Articles of a Domestic Goddess. I am eternally grateful for each and every fan of AoaDG and hope to see many great days ahead!
The Milestone Madness and More Giveaway runs from July 7 to July 13 at midnight PST.
Here is a look at all the wonderful prizes up for grabs in the giveaway!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Panda – Monium Earflap Beanie Pattern Giveaway

Check out the Articles of a Domestic Goddess Google+ post for your chance to win your own copy of the Panda – Monium Earflap Beanie Pattern completely free! I will pick winners Friday morning 6/27/14. They will be posted on this blog so make sure to check back here or on any social media for a link to here. Take a look through the tester pics featured on the ravelry sale page. They put a lot of work into this one and I’m proud to display them! 
I do not plan to move to google+ as my primary page. I do however plan to make more of an effort to have an online presence there. If you will all pick something to comment on, +1 and comment on the post up top to let me know you’ve done so. I will be putting the names into a random generator to draw. Once winners are drawn, I will be checking on the winners to make sure they have followed through with the instructions. The names on the post up at the top of the page is where I will draw names from. Please don’t forget to comment that you’ve followed through because I want everyone to get a fair chance to win! 
If you don’t win, don’t worry! I’ll be running a sale on the Panda – Monium Earflap Beanie Pattern until Friday, July 4th! Use Coupon Code PANDA25 to get 25% off your purchase! 

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Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

I gave an opportunity to win my Stunning Shells Headband over on my Facebook page yesterday. I was happy to see so many of you enter! I have a few other tricks up my sleeve yet, so don’t be too disappointed. I love to repay the support you all offer. It gives me this bubbly feeling inside and there is nothing like it in the world! 

I am perpetually humbled by the outpouring of support I get from the lot of you on all my social media venues. If you’re on google+, Twitter, or Instagram and you already follow me let me send you a giant THANK YOU! I plan to make the move to being on google+ soon, I just am having a hard time getting the hang of it. Facebook came much more easily to me when I first made the move to it. Maybe I need to run a special over there? Hmmmm… that’s a thought… 🙂

Thank all of you for your continued support! I plan to let you feel my gratitude in the coming weeks as I have a lot in store for you all! Keep watching!

Winners of the flash giveaway are:


Alicia Baker

Jessie Gillispie

Michelle Wulf

Maria Elena Pulido

Rachael Methke

If you all will message me your Ravelry names I will get it sent over! You have 24 hours to claim your prize or I will redraw names.

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